About us

BETRA is a voluntary run tenants & residents association at Brayards Estate in Peckham, London.

BETRA is managed by the tenants and residents who live on the estate. The committee meets 6 times a year and the estate general meetings are held twice a year which includes AGM.

Who is Who (2016/17)

Chair and Project Manager: Lorraine Beck 

Vice Chair: Rose Ogjoni

Secretary: Monsterat Anjorin

Host Secretary: Nicola Dwyer

Treasurer: Dot Daniels

Vice Treasurer: Matthew Holcroft-North

Freelance Saturday Club Leader: John Cannell

Gardeners: Mark Johnson and Jeanette


BETRA objectives are:

To promote the exercise Brayard Estate tenants' rights and the maintenance & improvement of their housing conditions, amenities and environment.

Provide facilities for recreation & amenity to encourage community spirit.

For the furtherance of these objectives to represent the interests of tenants in consultation with local authority & other bodies.

To promote harmonious functioning of multiracial community & work toward the elimination of all forms of racism & discrimination within it.

To endeavor to create a safer environment for all tenants & residents.

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