Bank of America Volunteers 18th July 2013

10 volunteers from Bank of America came to Brayrads Estate in Peckham Southwark London on Thursday 18th July 2013 and under Embrace staff supervision did work to help improve the Estate. The volunteer day was organised by charity CSV.
The volunteers worked really hard on the day including moving rumble into bags ready for removal from the Estate’s new community garden.The community garden is still under development and shall be opened on a community fun day at Brayards Estate on Saturday 10th August 2013. They also painted Brayards Estate TRA office toilet, pruned the Estate wildlife hedge, created planters for the Estate allotment area and also investigated how to put together a donated shed. The volunteers also donated money in order that Brayards Estate TRA can buy a new roof for the shed as they found parts were missing.

Lorraine Beck chair of Brayards Estate TRA stated
“That she was lost for words when the volunteers donated the money for the shed roof & would welcome them back anytime”

Here are photos from the day:




Community Web Kit provided free by BT