Vodafone Volunteer Day 23rd February 2015

On Monday 23rd February 2015 we had another great group of volunteers come to Brayards Estate to help make improvements. Vodafone sent us 14 hard working volunteers, who did a fantastic job throughout the day and we hope they all enjoyed the day.

The volunteer group was organised by Vodafone staff and charity CSV , while the day was managed BETRA volunteers, Vodafone staff and our partner Embrace Cooperation Ltd .

On the day the volunteers tidy up and made the Brayards Estate community garden safe for community activities, moved a raised bed from allotment to the community garden (making space for new greenhouse), weeded hedge row and put woodchip over hedge to prevent weeds, plus they sorted out computers and internet in Ryegates hall ready for computer clubs.

Photos from the day are below:



Community Web Kit provided free by BT