Through the £8985 awarded from the Lottery Fund for this community project Brayards Estate TRA plan to run  total of 61 activities these shall be variety of regular activities for children at Brayards Estate, that shall engage I wide range of local youth.

12 forest school / environmental education / wildlife garden activities such as pond dipping, creating bug hotels, planting wild flowers, making bird feeders, bug hunting and more. All these activities shall teach children about their local wildlife and also help to increase the local area's wildlife biodiversity.


12 photography & film making sessions on these activities we shall encourage children to learn new creative photography and film making skills. The children shall learn basic photography & film making that will result in at least 1 short film that will be shown at Brayards Estate annual community fun day.


30 children club activities that shall be run after school / at weekends or during school holidays, these activities shall include craft activities (using recycled materials & natural materials), basic computer skills, team games, reading & writing. All these children activities shall teach the local children new skills, increase their confidence, increase social networks (new friends), build community spirit by teaching children about their local estate, plus providing young people with a club and activities they can take pride in.

5 coach trip's to countryside locations for all Brayards Estate clubs (Better living action group for visually impaired, learning difficulties and physically disabled, prayer group, coffee morning club & youth club), this trip shall connect members of all the generations living at Brayards Estate. Helping to connect old and young members in order to foster a stronger community. With local secondary school Saint Thomas the Apostle College providing the mini bus for free.

We also plan to make dog free areas of the estate more accessible for tutors running children activities by installing two new lockable gates (with no dog signs) and storage shed for equipment. This will make the 2 safe dog free areas on Brayards Estate easier to access for organised children activities and help increase the use of the areas by local families.


  Please email or phone office 0207 635 56250207 635 5625 for more details and updates

Photography and Film Making Sessions 2016

Free Family Photography and Video Interviews
Booking required - Evening 31st May, 1st June, 2nd June & 3rd June 2016

Contact: or to book a session
Very Limited Spaces Available (Only 8 families)

Session 1 – 4 (3 hours each session)

This session will be split in 2, each family having an hour and a half. (1hr Photography & 30mins Interviews)

Each individual session will include one family at a time, coming to have professional family portraits done. These will be individual portraits and whole family.

After the family shoot the parents will interviewed by the children and next the children will be interviewed by the parents. 

Each question will be supplied by the tutor and will be aimed at bringing a common understanding between the two age groups.

For example:
Parents will ask: "What do you want to be when you grow up?

"Children will ask: "When you were my age, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

Parents: "what is your favourite subject in school & why?"

Children: "When you were my age, what was your favourite subject in school & why?"

All pictures and videos will be collected for the final exhibition on week 12.



Photography Treasure Hunt -  (12am – 3pm) Thursday 21th July

Session 5 (3 hours)

Children will get a short introduction into camera controls and composition techniques. Then the kids will be in small teams of 2-4 & have to photograph certain subjects on a treasure list.

For example the items could be:

Find something with the Queens Head on

Your favourite food

Your favouriteToy

Your best place to play

Each session will be a competition between teams with a treat being the prize for the team who take the most/best pictures on the list. This helps the students to see an immediate "worthwhile" goal in the activity and hopefully want to come back next week.

All pictures will be collected for the final exhibition on session 12.


Recording Your Environment - (12am – 3pm) Friday  22nd July

Session 6 (3 hours)

The young learners will have to record via video camera different activities in their local community. The children will be placed in teams and have to complete a check list within a set time.

The check list will include things like:

Record 20 seconds of your favourite game

Record one chore you have to do on a weekly basis

Record 20 seconds of you singing your favourite song

All  videos will be collected for the final exhibition on session 12.

Flip Books and Postcards - (12am – 3pm) (Date to be arranged)

Session 7 (3 hours)

This is a drawing workshop where students will be invited to complete flip books and postcards based on their environment/community.

Students will draw postcards based on

their favourite game, their home, favourite food, etc…

The aim of this activity is to inspire the kids to take more opportunities that are able to me to grow and learn.

All material created will be collected for the final exhibition on session 12.

Flash Photography - (12am – 3pm)  August

Session 8 (3 hours)

By playing with Shutter speeds and with the assistance of studio flashes. The kids are invited to play to discover how to freeze moments and learn how things look that  without the camera would be too fast to see and simply lost forever.

All pictures will be collected for the final exhibition on session 12.


Forced Perspective Photography - (12am – 3pm)  August

Session 9 (3 hours)

This fun and very interactive workshop develops communication and team building skills to produce optical illusions that will surprise the group and impress parents and friends. Through this activity students gain simple but effective skills they can take home and share with others.

The forced perspective technique manipulates our human perception with the use of optical illusions to make objects appear larger, smaller, farther, or closer than they actually are.

Perspective photography is simple but fun way for learner to create manipulation photographs.Members of the group have to develop the  communication skills to achieve set task/images. Each image increase on fit's difficulty and by the end of the day student receive the reward of fun comical images to take home.

 All pictures will be collected for the final exhibition on session 12.


Light Painting  - (12am – 3pm) August

Session 10 (3 hours)

In this workshop kids can turn themselves into a superhero, a magician or even an angel by learning about long shutter speed and handling light to create impressive illusions.

By developing skills in Light Painting one has the options of making a single image revealing the movement of light and it's relationship to the camera. Or a multi-layer single picture where by working in a group you can paint straight onto a picture of your friends giving the impression that they have super natural powers!

This photography technique is in it's infancy and developing these skills now could open the door to a wide variety of modern and classic photography. You will finish this course with a strong understanding of many aspects of low and no light photography, including achieving focus in the dark, surface painting, illustrating with light, designing a photo, and more!
You'll also get an introduction to a variety of light painting styles.

All pictures will be collected for the final exhibition on session 12.


Exhibition Preparation - Sunday August 21st (12am – 3pm)

Session 11 (3 hours)

This session is about showing the kids all the hard work they have completed and preparing them for the exhibition.

Getting the kids to record each other on how they have felt about the programme.

Asking such questions as:

What was your favourite session?

What do you think is the most thing you have learned?

Also we will encourage some of the kids to speak at the exhibition.

So this session can also be for practicing what they are going to say.

All  videos will be collected for the final exhibition on session 12.

Photography and Film Exhibition Session 12 - (12am – 3pm) Sunday 4th September

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