Edible Hedge and Nature Play Area Project 2013/14

BETRA has received £9722 funding from Southwark Council Cleaner Greener Safer Grant. The grant shall cover the planting of edible hedging around part of the estate, creation of a dog free area for outdoor play & training aim at children, plus installment of a Tennis Table and a Traditional Oven.

Edible Hedging

The idea for the edible hedging was to compensate for not being able to fence-off the complete estate boundary with metal fencing as it was not allowed by CGS previously. The hedge will provide edible fruits to the residents (gooseberries, hazel nut, wild pear, cherry plum, elderberry etc). In addition it will also improve local air quality.

Dog-free area for local children

BETRA decided that we would use the area for the edible hedge as part of the estate, close to Caulfield Rd and Firbank Rd. It is unfortunate that the area is spoilt due to dog walkers. With part of this area going to be fenced off to turn it into a dog free area for local children.

Future activities in this area will include:

- Gardening for young people 

- Environmental education for young people

- Safe play area for young people

Table Tennis Table and Bread/ Pizza oven

The project also proposes to install a outdoor table tennis table and a traditional outdoors bread/ pizza oven in the community garden. The tennis table shall be of great benefit to the local young people providing a great way to do healthy exercise. While the traditional outdoors oven would be a great resource for healthy eating projects & community events.

Cleaning Concrete Area + Poles

We shall also purchase a water pressure washer which shall be used by volunteers to clean parts of the Estate park / community areas. Cleaning various concreted areas and the big concrete poles surrounding the on-site parking area (they used to be white but are now grey/ black).

Benefits of the project

It is hoped that this project will be of great benefit to the estate, local residents and to the wider community. Workshops will be developed and that in turn will help create further projects encouraging a pick and share from the edible hedge and we hope to work with others, individuals and groups, encouraging other initiatives linking in with our fruit trees and organic vegetables and herbs in a programmed healthy eating project. In time the hedge will also help to protect local people from pollution and provide a more attractive green space.

Who will benefit

The project will be of benefit to all the community in and around the estate. There are 92 properties on the estate and we have the “Friends of Brayards” who come from out of the area and some from greater distances. There is the “Better Living Group” for the visually impaired and those with Learning Difficulties who actually volunteer their help in the garden. BETRA also linked in with local environmental groups namely “Embrace” and “Project Dirt” in the development of creating a healthy and safe environment for all.

The dog free play area will be of great benefit to the local children who see the estate now as green and safe, becoming their local park. The play area will offer a safe and friendly area for residents and their children to do activities such as gardening or learning about the environment.

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