Nature, Photography & Drama / Film making at Brayards Estate Peckham

Over a period of 1 year the project shall run a series of FREE workshops focusing on four different areas:

Nature / Forest School, Gardening, Drama / Film-making & Photography.

FREE Nature / Forest School sessions shall be focused at younger children & will involve them learning about wildlife and creating items such as bird feeders, bug hotels, & natural perfumes. These sessions shall teach these urban young people about the nature around them, what they can do to protect it and to be more sustainable (recycling materials etc). 

FREE Gardening sessions shall be aimed mainly at younger people but older people can also attend to learn skills. Through these sessions participants shall learn how to grow organic fruit and veg, maintain estate green spaces & learn to cook healthy meals from what they grow at the estate allotment. 

FREE Drama / film-making workshops shall work with young people and adults to develop their own short films. Participants shall learn the skills through developing their ideas, scripting, casting, filming, editing and promoting the film online. 

20 FREE Photography workshops shall work with young people and adults looking at a wide range of photography techniques and creating online portfolios of their work.

This project is funded by Southwark Council Joint security initiative (JSI) grant of £10,881. With additional support from BETRA partner Embrace Cooperation Ltd of a environmental education tutor supporting gardening & nature / forest school sessions until June 2015 funded by City Bridge Trust.

For more details or to book a place please contact

Brayards Estate TRA                             

Phone: 0207 635 5625                                                           


Nature / Forest School


Most nature and forest school workshops shall be run on Saturday afternoons at Brayards Estate and Kirkwood Nature Reserve. These activities are aimed at children 3 to 12 years old and we also encourage parents to come along.



Most Gardening workshops shall be run on Saturday afternoons at Brayards Estates mainly in allotment garden. These activities are mainly aimed at children but all ages are encourage to come along and take part.

Gardening & nature / forest school sessions shall start Saturday 24th January 2015

Activities shall run fortnightly on Saturday Afternoons  2pm to 5pm, until May when sessions shall become weekly.

Plus additional activities may be run during school holidays.


Click here to see more photos from BETRA Saturday Club  

Drama / Film-making

10 Sessions starting on the 4th of May

Open to All

Every Monday 4–6 pm  Adults

Every Tuesday 4–6 pm  9-16 years old

Do you have an idea for making a short film,a documentary or a music video?

Or would you like to learn new skills on how to realize a drama or film project? 

During  these creative workshops you will work together in small groups to create your own drama or film project about the things that inspire or that matter to you. These sessions are open to both young people and adults. To find out more about the sessions before hand and have a cup of tea come to an

Introduction to Drama and Film Workshop

Tuesday 28th of April

Pop in between  4.30-6.30pm  Everyone Welcome!

Ryegates Commuinty Hall (side entrance to tower block)
28 Ryegates Tower Block
Brayards Estate
Caulfield Road
SE15 2DF

Photos from previous drama play by The Purple Ladies at Brayards Estate



Most photography workshops shall be run on Saturday afternoons at Brayards Estate.

Young people are welcome to take part in photography sessions but we do require a responsible adult to attend with children under 16 years old on these sessions.

People attending workshops shall need to bring a digital camera, a basic camera can be lent if advance notice is given but these cameras are not suitable for advanced workshops such as night photography & light painting.

If people book on a free photography workshop and do not turn up without a good reason we shall give their place on future workshops to someone else.

Photos from photography workshops:

Night Photography (Tutor Ingrid Abraham)
   3pm - 7pm Saturday 24th January 2015

Night photography is best done just as the sun is about to set. Using a  tripod, you will learn how to capture stunning shots of London as it begins to light up

Beginner Photography (Tutor Patrick Loftus)
  1pm to 4pm Saturday 31st January 2015

If you are someone who really wants to develop some amazing photography skills, then this is the perfect course for you.This course has been designed for beginners to enable you to take the first steps into this medium. Our tutor will provide you with demonstrations and give you the chance to play and experiment in a non-intimidating environment. You don’t need to know how to use a camera as the equipment
will be set up ready to use and models will be provided to use for photos.

A great introduction into the first stages of digital photography and composition, which will help you gain the confidence to develop your interest in photography.  

Light Painting (Tutor Neil Croft)
  10am to 3pm Saturday 7th February 2015

In this workshop you will learn how to take creative pictures painting with light. This is literally painting with light while keeping the camera on a long exposure. Using light correctly is one of the key things about in photography.

In this workshop you will learn how to use your camera correctly and the workshop will cover:

Shutter speed
Depth of Field

The workshop will end with feedback and advice on the pictures you have taken

Slow vs Fast (2 day workshop) (Tutor Patrick Loftus)  1pm to 4pm Saturday 14th & 21st February 2015

Students learn:

•  Low and High shutter speeds.
•  Tripod 
•  Studio Flash 
•  Timelapse
•  Photoshop Editing Skills

This fascinating 2-day workshop will allow you to experiment with photography techniques at both ends of a spectrum.  You’ll learn how to use develop skills when using a DSLR camera though two ends of the photography spectrum.

Day 1 – You will learn how to use high shutter speeds to capture clear pictures of objects or people moving very quickly.  References to Muybridge and contemporary photographers will give you inspiration to develop 2D work to print.

Day 2 – You will gain an understanding of how to frame and capture images for time lapse short videos and 2D printable work.  You complete a number of fun exercises in small groups then develop photographic images into moving video to show your time-lapse work. 

Photography today is both a professional and personal skill. Understanding different techniques can make you a great social photographer for events with friends and family or it can make you stand out from the class with unique visually impressive images and short films.

In this two day course, students will learn how to capture the impossibly fast and how to speed up the impatiently slow. Using professional techniques students will have tons of fun popping multiple coloured paint balloons and creating  documentary style short time-lapse films. If you have ever wondered how the great documentary film makers do it? Than this is your chance to get an insight into the wonderful world of high and low speed photography

Day 1 – Learn how fast shutter speeds and professional lighting can capture crystal clear pictures of the immensely fast. In this workshop
you will learn how the great did it but which is more – How you can become great!

Day 2 – Learners gain knowledge of time lapse photography and how frames create a moving image. By planning and focusing your ideas students will have first hand understanding of how some of the best documentaries are made and how you can create your very own time lapse short film

Composition (Tutor Ingrid Abraham)
10am - 2pm Saturday 28th February 2015

The secret to great photography is composition, not the camera you are using. You will learn simple tips which will massively improve your photography whether you use a camera or a smartphone.

Introduction to Photographic Portrait in studio (Tutor Gabriela Fabrowska)  2pm to 5:30pm Saturday 7th March 2015

The biggest advantage of working in studio is a control over lighting. We will talk about lighting techniques : high key, low key, soft and hard light, reflectors and fill-in light.


We will demonstrate a difference in an overall mood of a portrait made by using a black or a white background and experiment with a versatility of a white background.

Last but not least we will discus an importance of a rapport, relaxation & humour during a shoot.

Portrait Photography (Tutor Neil Croft)  10am to 3pm Saturday 14th March 2015

This workshop will suit a beginner and you will learn how to take good portraits using natural lighting indoors and outdoors. You will learn use your camera correctly to get the best out of your model.

The workshop will cover:

Shutter Speed
Depth of Field
Using Reflectors

The workshop will end with feedback and advice on the pictures you have taken

Perspective photography (Tutor Patrick Loftus)  1pm to 4pm Saturday 21st March 2015

The course would be trailed around ways of seeing. As we know Perspective photography is based on the appearance of objects, buildings, etc, relative to each other, as determined by their distance from the viewer, or the effects of this distance on their appearance. Through understanding that light travels in straight lines and how the human eye/a camera perceives this image. A creative photographer can have hours of fun with friends and family to create optical illusions that not only are impressive to the eye. But can only be achieved through good communication and teamwork. This is a great workshop for those who do not have the computer software to edit manipulation images but still want to create surreal and abstract photography.


In this course participant gain a better understanding of the importance of:
Tripods. (Fixed positions)
Aperture (High and low depths of Field )
Composition techniques (Working to achieve a desired image.)

Peckham Urban Art Walk (Tutor Gabriela Fabrowska)  2pm to 4:30pm (approximate finish time) Saturday 4th April 2015

Start 2pm Brayards Estate – ending approximately 4.30pm Flat Time House Gallery

To showcase Peckham’s incredible creativity whilst giving some insights into important historical and cultural events that have made the area what it is today. Walk is focused on discovery rather than photography, but you are welcome to document your favourite moments.

·      Julika Gittner is an artist and an architect, currently in residence in the Flat Time House Gallery, showing the mural at the Brayards Estate. (

·      Cultural Quarter: Coupland Park

·      Cultural Quarter: Bussey Building

·      Art Deco Cluster

·      Old Waiting Room

·      Town Centre art galleries and public art

·      RoomPeckham Rose

·      Bellenden Road Regeneration and public art

·      Flat Time House Gallery

·      Goose Green Mural

·      Peckham Green Totem Pole

Creating on-line Portfolio (Tutor Patrick Loftus) 1pm to 4pm Saturday 11th April 2015

This course is designed to help students cultivate greater direction and clarity in their image-making process. The course begins with an
informal discussion that focuses on each students practice, influences, and working methods. This will then be followed by a series of critiques in which each student has the opportunity to present their work to the tutor and the group in order to get feedback, and propose how they might progress towards their goal of building a successful portfolio. This session will address topics such as finding subject matter that has personal relevance, the use of complementary media to enhance meaning, picture selection, sequencing, and final presentation. Covering preparation of digital files for print, layout of photo-books, and the use of personal websites and blogs.

Noir portraits (Tutor Patrick Loftus)  1pm to 4pm Saturday 18th April 2015

•  Studio Lighting
•  Portraiture 
•  Studio tools

The Film Noir Workshop will cover a vast range of information  about in studio work. The goal is to ensure that each attendee has a strong understanding of basic lighting patterns and posing before continuing on to the task of creating images. We will be working with modern versions of traditional lighting modifiers that were true to the era of the 1920’s and 1930’s. After working with modifiers like fresnels, snoots, grids and barndoors, you will quickly hone in on seeing lighting patterns.  We will be working with both constant lights and flash so there will be multiple shooting opportunities.

Create timeless, sleek, and mysterious portraits that will expand your skills using studio equipment. This extremely fun workshop always leaves the participant flowing with heaps of tips when shooting friends and family. By playing with lighting in the studio one gains and insight into the tools available to you at home and how to take outstanding pictures on your own.

Beginners Photography (Tutor Neil Croft)  10am to 3pm Saturday 25th April 2015

In this workshop you understand the basics of photography and how to get the best out of your camera. You will get the opportunity to take photographs both inside and outside around the estate and will learn about:

Shutter Speed
Depth of Field

The workshop with feedback and advice on the pictures you have taken.

Outdoor Portrait (Tutor Ingrid Abraham)
10am to 2pm Saturday 9th May 2015

Lots of us take pictures of friends and family outdoors but once you learn a little about lighting and posing, you can take more flattering pictures that your friends and family will love.

Product Portrait (Tutor Patrick Loftus) 1pm to 4pm Saturday 16th May

During this short intro course we will look at the principles of Product, Food and Still Life Photography. This is a great opportunity to enhance your photography and lighting skills, under the guidance of an experienced tutor. The lighting techniques you will learn will enable you to capture high quality product images for commercial and editorial use.At the end of the day not only you will gain confidence for shooting at home or a studio environment, but you will also walk away with some great images for your portfolio or website.

Studio Photography (4 Day Workshop) (Tutors Shamyl Jawdokimov and Simon Mann)

12 noon to 2pm Saturday 30th May, Saturday 6th June, Saturday 13th June & Saturday 20th June 2015

Day 1 - Introduction to basics. and Auto Controls.
Day 2 - Lights, speed lights and studio lights.
Day 3 - Model positions and backgrounds.
Day 4 - Summary of all combined techniques learnt and correcting errors (when all goes wrong)

More information about these studio photography sessions on pdf file: Studio photography.pdf

Creating on-line portfolio (Tutor Gabriela Fabrowska)
  2pm to 5:45pm Saturday 27th June 2015

Having and online presence is an undisputable requirement of contemporary working environment, or simply a convenient way to show your work to others. The choice of platforms and content depends on the purpose of portfolio. We will review a selection of available options and practice how to do it.

 Start: building a presence using social media:

·     Twitter
·     Pinterest
·     Flickr
·     Instagram

Next stage: simple online presence - free websites:


Additional professional portfolios:

·     Portfolio on
·     Page on Facebook
·     Website with your own domain name

Photography Tutors

Patrick Loftus
Patrick has as 5 over years’ worth of freelance experience in Photography & teaching. Patrick likes to work mostly in digital yet has a great understanding of working and printing in film. Patrick is primarily a documentary photographer who works in schools both in the UK and overseas. At present Patrick is a part time tutor of photography at the University of Hertfordshire. Here Patrick works with young adults to encourage them to gain the fundamental skills needed to get the most out of their camera.

Ingrid Abraham
Ingrid is the owner of and specialises portrait and event photography. she is also a qualified an experienced teacher who works with both children and adults.

Neil Croft
Neil is a trained photography teacher with a PGCE to teach at Post Compulsory Level and a BA Honours in Photography from the University of East London. He as previously taught Media Studies and Students with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities at Epping Forest College. He has also run photographic workshops for Embrace Social Enterprise. You can find examples of his work at

Gabriela Fabrowska
Gabriela is a freelance photographer and artist with a considerable experience in corporate, event and portrait photography. She has a background in sociology, fine art photography and a practical understanding of web design. Interested in educational, cultural and community projects alongside her fine-art practice. Websites: &

Shamyl Jawdokimov studies at The University of East London I developed my skills within the sphere of Photography and Collage to enable the images to tell a story. Having a love of film I always endeavour to create images that encapsulate the qualities that the medium of film is able to transmit to the viewer both in terms of emotion and aesthetics.

Simon Mann has many years of experience in both Traditional and Digital Photography. He specialises in Portrait Photography.

Websites: &

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